AeroPress Everywhere


We all love to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee wherever we go, don't we? During or after an outdoor adventure or when travelling this can be a bit challenging. Especially when there isn't a good coffee shop whithin reach. With a little planning ahead and a few simple hacks you can easily brew your favourite coffee almost everywhere and almost anytime.

It is really hard to brew a bad coffee with the AeroPress and it is also the smallest, lightest and most versatile brewing device known to mankind. That's why we love it.

To plan ahead, assemble your AeroPress Kit consisting of:

  • an AeroPress and filters of choice
  • a hand grinder (best is one that fits inside the AeroPress)
  • a cup or similar to press the coffee into
  • a few tissues to dry the cup and Press
  • a small ziploc bag (like the one you put your liquids into at Airport Security) to discard the used grounds
  • extras: scale, thermometer

Get youself a dopp kit which is large enough to fit your AeroPress kit plus some coffee beans. Keep your kit ready for your adventures and bring it along every time.

Now all you need is to add water. Here are a few possibilities:

  • bring some in a thermos => hack: pre-heat your thermos with boiling water to keep your water hot
  • ask for tea water or tea without a tea bag (on the airplane / at fast-food restaurants or take aways)
  • in your hotel room or at your AirBnB you might have a water boiler

You want a crema? Try the AeroPress enhancement gadget Prismo by Fellows. It increases the pressure when pushing out the coffee so you can have a espresso style beverage.

Most important thing though: Always use quality coffee!

Now it's definitely time to say goodbye to bad coffee.

Denise Morf